Winter in the City


There is a season for all things
And rainbows bloom in every season.
In this the winter of my waiting
His promises come without directions.

So I will fast my heart to the rainbow
Whether colors fade or stay the same.
I will run through frigid sunshine and lay down
And make snow angels in the rain.

You tell me look to the journey of 1000 steps
Will it be a circle or a mile?
The destination’s only for a moment of your life,
So let us walk and talk for awhile.

Mysteries unspoken are absorbed
And love like I’ve never known a part.
It’s winter here in the city of my soul
But summer takes a hold of my heart.

-Caroline Frost Shea


I composed this poem about a week ago and shortly after put it to music. (Hopefully to be recorded one day at a quality high enough to show you!) It’s about the season I’m currently going through and the things I’ve been learning.  Most of my poems start while I’m praying or worshiping when one line, the first line, suddenly comes to me like a little feather falling from heaven.  When I sit down to write it, the rest of the poem usually follows pretty quickly in order.  Sometimes I don’t even fully understand what I’m writing means until I finish and read it again.  While I was on a run a few days ago, it was the last two lines of this poem that dropped into my brain out of nowhere while I was on a run.  Later that day, another line came to me and I thought, “This is how that same poem begins.” Then I sat down and wrote the middle in just a few minutes.

The top photo is a public stock image by an unknown photographer.  The gorgeous bottom photo is by my talented Kiwi friend Emma Willetts from the sundeck of her mobile workplace (which happens to be a yacht) passing by St Maarten in the Caribbean.

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