What Can You Give? – Comedian Michael Jr.

“Stop asking the question what can I get for myself, and ask what can I give from myself”

– Michael Jr

Comedian Michael Jr. performs everywhere from prime-time television to prisons, children’s homes and youth conferences. When asked what his big break was, he describes the moment when he realized he wasn’t on stage to “Get laughs” but to “Give audiences an opportunity to laugh.”

Since that pivotal moment he’s grown in to a world renowned comedian gracing the the velvet couches of The Tonight Show, Comedy Central, TV One, The Late, Late Show, Oprah, Jimmy Kimmel Live, and many other shows.  According to his website you’ll also find him performing at the most prestigious comedy clubs across the nation, major universities and mega-churches and church events like Willow Creek Church in Chicago, West Angeles Church in L.A,  New Life Church in Colorado Springs, and the Gateway Pastors Conference.

What’s so amazing about this video is that if these principles can be applied to comedy, they can be applied any career!  If someone told me they wanted to get into the field of comedy to make a difference, I’d have been like, “Is that your first joke?”  But it just goes to show that God can do anything through anyone who love Him and follows Him and He does!

What is your passion? What does God want to do through it?  How might He be prompting you to change your perspective in order to get there?

Hear Michael Jr.s incredibly amazing (and funny) story of how God brought him to where He is in his faith and his career:

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