Waiting on You by Caroline Frost Shea

Hey Beloved readers! So about the brief hiatus last week…my husband and I were traveling in Taiwan and I was laptop free.  I am only just recovering from the severe jetlag that comes with a thirteen-hour time difference and a sixteen-hour flight, but will soon be back to daily posts as normal.  So keep those submissions coming and don’t forget to share We His Beloved with your friends and family or anyone you think may have a testimony, song, poem or piece of art to contribute.

To kick things right off, I have a poem to share! As well as a not-so-challenging challenge for you.  Have you noticed a reoccurring theme in my poems this season yet?  Leave your observations in the comments!

waiting copyright caroline frost

Waiting on You
By Caroline Frost

Frozen I stand waiting
Listening for your call
A whisper quiet yet powerful
Can calm seas or cause mountains to fall.

It becomes clearer.  You’re always speaking.
I begin to hear some words:
“Wait in the peace and the quiet” and
“Are you not more precious than birds?”

I want directions to move forward
But “wait” is a direction still
I may never know what I waited for.
A change in the wind? A change in my will?

But I’ll always trust in the love
It’s why I followed you from the start.
Without knowing where we are going
I promised to give you my heart.

I never regret that decision
No matter how confusing it gets
Because you see far beyond me
My present, future and past.

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