To the Ephesians by Jeff Reed

“To the Ephesians” by Jeff Reed

Every blessing in the heavens,

grace on grace in lavish fall down,

heirs of unimaginable prospect:

gives us courage to welcome our bound

journeys along these broken trails

tangled deep in sorrow. Still

a glory calls us onward, upward

toward a new age dawn that will

reweave our sufferings in a fabric

stitched design of brilliant make

shaping sense of the whole story

when we finally are awake.

Now then, one foot lead the other,

hold to hope, believe the promise:

there is power for overcoming

all life heavy laid upon us.

I offer this simple poetic retelling of Ephesians chapter 1 as a gift for the journey ahead, as it is we all have set out on the trail of 2015, wherever it will take each of us, into whatever lies in wait, joy and sorrow alike.

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