Spring into Knowing by Caroline Shea

This is one of my favorite poems I have ever written and that’s probably because it isn’t fully mine.  This is a poem God gave me in response to a question I asked Him in prayer.  Have you ever asked God, “What is next? What are you doing in this season?”  Well, as you can probably tell from many of my other blog posts this year, I am currently in a season of waiting and have been asking this question a lot.  This poem was His response to me.  I really like that He uses the image of a “season” literally in response to my question about my spiritual season.  The poem gave me a lot of comfort and hope.


“Spring into Knowing” by Caroline Frost Shea

The time has not come to know
The time has not come to see
Training your ears to listen
I’m training you just to be.

Love like a seed has been planted
When it has flowered you’ll know.
Fertilize it now in the quiet
Wait and press up through the snow.

Concrete was not my creation
But I am still Lord over all
From the dust you were created
And into dust cities will fall.

But none of that stuff is for you now.
As you listen your heart starts to know
That knowing comes after the loving
When the blossoms of spring start to show.

(Photo by Nina Silitch)

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