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Reproducing the Kingdom | Truths Revealed in Creation By Krystal Fitzpatrick


Today, I am thrilled to bring you a piece by my dearest friend, Krystal Fitzpatrick, whose deep intimacy with God and revelation on what His kingdom on earth can look like has inspired me since the first day I met her.  Trust me, anything this girl has to say, even in passing conversation, is going to be full of substance and will leave you chewing for days.  Enjoy this powerful woman’s revelation on reproducing the Kingdom through your creativity.  – Caroline

It continually blows me away how God hides His truths in everything, set out like a scavenger hunt, hidden presents for us to unwrap, explore and delight in.  There isn’t anything in His creation that isn’t smothered with Him, waiting for us to discover His mystery.  It’s my absolute joy seeking out what God wants to reveal to me through His creation, especially in animals.

I’m currently in a season of stepping out in areas I usually wouldn’t: creativity, dance and everything in between.  As I explore God in these arenas of material and movement, my once private relationship with God is more visible, on display for other people to see, and sometimes to judge or criticize.  Noticing these things affecting me, I took my fear of people’s opinions to God and asked Him how I can lay down my fear of man.  He gave me a picture of a mussel.  Yes, I am talking about that super-boring-looking little shellfish.

However, what I discovered about the way they reproduce is quite incredible.  Did you know when mussels are reproducing and looking for a place for their babies to grow, they produce a little flap of skin? This skin looks like a particular type of fish, and it attracts another particular type of fish which enjoys eating it. So as this predator comes to eat the mussel’s skin, what possible chance does a mussel have?  It hardly even moves, right?  But it has been intricately created so that in the split second the fish comes to eat its skin, in the very moment the fish opens its mouth, the mussel squirts its embryos into the fish’s mouth where they live in the fish’s gills and spend their next stage of life hidden in the gills of their enemy growing stronger.  When fed and grown enough they drop off and continue life in a new place.


Isn’t it fascinating how a mussel was created to produce an extension of itself which literally attracts an enemy?  But what is scary must be attracted in order for the mussel to reproduce, in order to ensure the very survival of itself.

So in this season of my creativity being on display, God has been revealing to me,  yes, through a tiny little mussel, how powerfully He moves through what we create together.  God, like the mussel, puts himself on display in us to attract people who are dry, hungry and thirsty.  And like the fish, people who are hungry often come to us broken, damaged and with the intent to destroy.  However, as we saw with the fish, God’s purposes will always prevail.  Out of us and out the things we create, God transforms the same hungry people who came to try and destroy us and the work God is doing through us, reproducing the kingdom that was in us, in them.

So I want to encourage you to not allow your fear of persecution or judgement to keep you from putting your creativity and what God is doing in you on display for all the world to see.  Create and allow God to show you how He can use what seems like persecution to reproduce the kingdom in those around you.  It is often those people who you are afraid may judge, criticize or persecute you, who need what you carry the most.  Trust that when they encounter you or your work, the Holy Spirit will be there breathing on them too. Bless you guys and enjoy all the mysteries of our God.  He is amazing!

-Krystal Fitzpatrick-


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    Laurie Fiksdal
    July 12, 2016 at 6:20 am

    Krystal you are woman of great insight and God’s revelation. I am so blessed by you and like Caroline I am thankful for you in my life. Caroline, I want to thank you for sharing your ideas , thoughts , and words of wisdom as well for us to munch.

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