Power Of Prayer by Akiane


“I dedicate this painting to all sincere prayers. The birds in this painting represent prayers. The power of prayer is direction, humbleness, sincerity, and faith. These birds just like the prayers seeking God are flying towards the light. Some birds are focused on their destination, some are distracted, others are playfully soaring, while still others are disappointed and returning back. Once in flight the birds will have to listen to God’s quiet voice where to find him. If they are anxious and angry, they will crash against the steep mountains. If they lack faith, they will drown in the river. If they fly just for fun or vain curiosity, they will not hear the spiritual warnings and fly into each other. If they fly just to show off, they will be the first to burn up by the most intense God’s energy. Unless they are humble and trusting, they will not be accepted by the light. The force of the fastest and most dedicated prayers is melting the snow off the mountains and cliffs. The more prayers, the more power. The snow in this particular painting represents confusion, hardship and unhappiness. Half of the ridges are almost free of snow, and as the birds come closer to the light, all of the landscape is becoming full of summer waterfalls and flowers.” -Akiane

“Power of Prayer” was painted by Akiane at Age 10 on a 36″x48″ canvas.  Her description of her painting is borrowed from her book Akiane: her live, her art, her poetry.  To learn more about this incredible young artist and her story and inspiration read this earlier post from We His Beloved!

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