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Hope on the Train by Mara Measor

I’ve kept a prayer journal for many years. One, I think I communicate best with a pen in my hand, and two, I like to trace God’s work in my life to see our relationship (hopefully) grow through time. As for the doodling, it’s hard to explain, but sometimes when I’m out of words I draw the simplest little figures and they just capture exactly what I’m trying to say.I wrote this prayer while I was on a train from DC to NYC. I was having a really hard time with my work during that time, so I had decided to visit my friend. And on my way, I just had a moment where I was just struck by God’s nearness to me: being carried across the distance on the train reminded me that really, I’m always being carried by Him.  -Mara

This is an excerpt from Mara’s book, “Naked Prayers” a project she has undertaken prompted by the Holy Spirit.  It is a book of her prayer journey through some hard times with the Lord and it reads like a modern book of psalms.  She is a accomplished singer-songwriter as well and will be producing an accompanying album by the same name with five-time Emmy Award-winning producer Jamie Lawrence. Learn more about the project and how you can support it HERE.

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