How To Love Them?

When the world seems such a dim reflection
how do I stir myself to move
out of the secret place and onto the earth
when all I want is just to be with You?

Visions of a memory are before me —
a king descending from his golden throne.
Leaving a place where peace and love reigned,
He came to show us we are not alone.

Here the rulers greed and ambition
do their very best to drawn You in.
Brittle cobwebs of lies are sewn before You,
but even here the kingdom truths will win.

Love freely given is rejected
at the slightest threat of fleeting pain.
The biggest heart of all — it then is broken
as the very face of love — it turns away.

Because of Him Your face is always shining.
Never will You turn away again.
Even in the midst of my hateful sin
You smile, as if to say, “Try again!”

Poems of joy too numerous to utter!
Songs I can’t contain come bursting forth!
When this world feels hardened and unloving
You say, “Look to me, I AM your worth.”

As I walk my dreary steps fall lighter.
Friends and enemies knocking at my door.
As I open and do my best to love them,
Your Spirit reminds me You’ve been here before.

Poem by Caroline Frost Shea

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