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Pieces | A Soaking Devotional

Most of the time I know right away if I like a song or not.  I either instantly fall in love with it, or I don’t.  And then there are those other songs like “Pieces” that somehow sneak their…

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Naked Prayers by Mara Measor

We His Beloved is all about supporting other Jesus-lovers who are bringing heaven onto earth in their industries.  Be it music, art, science, business or ministry, we love it all!  That’s why we have been so stoked to support…

Music Stories and Testimonies

Worship as Warfare

Have you been feeling spiritually empty? Drained? Depressed? Sick? Stuck? Angry?  Have you tried worship? In the Psalms, we see David express every negative emotion from depression, anger and frustration to God.  He didn’t pretend to be okay when…


In Over My Head by Bethel Music’s Jenn Johnson

God has such a way with His timing.  This video was just released on Facebook yesterday (the album actually doesn’t come out until 1/26/15), but this song just had me bursting with joy.  These themes of letting go of…