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Welcome to We His Beloved!  I am Caroline Shea, the editor and one of the contributors of this collective blog.  I started this blog because I love Jesus and his Bride (that’s you)  I am a photographer, writer, poet, and singer and I love talking to God and about God.  I love searching for the hidden mysteries he’s woven into every day and every work of art.  I lived in NYC for nine years, attended NYU, started a wedding photography business, and recently moved to Redding, CA with my husband, Alex where we graduated first year of the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry.  It was the most incredible year of my life.

My vision for this blog was to create a place where we, His Beloved, can share our passion for Him in all its forms and collectively discuss how He’s revealing himself in our art and our work.  Maybe you connect with God creatively through music, poetry, or art.  Or maybe you’re a nuclear physicist who sees God in the microscopic world or a Doctor witnessing miraculous healings both inside and outside of medicine, or a counselor seeing incredible breakthroughs in people’s lives.  Maybe you’re just a revivalist who is bringing Jesus on the streets and everywhere you go.  I wanted to create a place where artists, scientists, thinkers, business people and people in traditional ministry alike could share together the wonder of what God is doing in us, through us and around us, all over the world; a place where people of all backgrounds instead of squabbling over minor differences, can come together to celebrate the passion of our souls: Jesus. We are his Beloved.

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